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Marmalade, Marmalade SDK, (formally: Airplay SDK)
iPhone Android


License: Proprietary

Orientations: 2D 3D

Price: Trial:Free, Basic:$149, Standard:$499

Skill: Intermediate

Language: C++

Scripting: None


Performance and portability – true cross-platform technology without compromise

Creating and delivering successful apps is becoming increasingly challenging. You need your app to stand out from the crowd, by delivering a more engaging experience with richer content. You need your app to reach the widest possible audience, running on iOS, Android, and beyond.

What if you could develop more powerful apps, and deliver them simultaneously across all platforms and devices? Now you can, with the Marmalade SDK.

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who built Puzzle Friends

We originally began creating our own cross platform SDK for iOS and Android over a year ago but decided that it was going to be too much hard work, so we began a quest to find the ultimate cross platform development SDK. After trying out numerous different engines we came across the Marmalade SDK (it was actually very difficult to find information about Marmalade back when it was called AirPlay). We were instantly taken by the Marmalade SDK for a few important reasons at the time:

* We could develop on PC (I personally did not like Macs or XCode)
* We could do most of our testing on PC using the Marmalade and ARM simulators (I cannot put a price on how much time this has saved us)
* The sheer number of platforms that Marmalade can deploy to is phenomenal (almost unbelievable)
* We could use C++ across ALL platforms, so we did not have to carry Java / C++ and Objective-C skill sets, this has saved us a lot of time and money
* We have a great motto regarding Marmalade and that is “It just works”. Generally we find that code that runs without issue in the simulators will run on any target device. A while back, when we first got a hold of a PlayBook to test on, we had our game ""BattleBallz Chaos"" up on BlackBerry App World store within 24 hours of receiving our PlayBook test device. Now that's a testament to how reliable the Marmalade SDK is

We did however feel back then that a number of items were missing from Marmalade including:

* Lack of access to underlying OS, but this has recently been resolved by the addition of the extensions developer kit (EDK), which allows developers to use custom native libraries of code inside a Marmalade app
* Lack of a solid game engine that could be used to start making games with the Marmalade SDK out of the box. We (Pocketeers) began a project over 6 months ago to address that very issue called IwGame Engine. In addition, the popular Cocos-2D engine has recently been ported to Marmalade, giving Marmalade developers two solid game engines to work with.

Some other cool things we like about the Marmalade SDK and the creators of the Marmalade SDK:
* The Marmalade SDK is always growing, with new features appearing regularly (a major release of Marmalade is like Christmas come early for us)
* Access to a large collection of open API’s such as Box2D, AdMob, Flurry, Chipmunk, SVG, Python, LUA and tonnes of other good stuff
* Marmalade apps program – Marmalade will help developers publish their games and apps to various OEM’s and other app stores, which can also lead to free licenses

And a few things that we would like to see from the Marmalade SDK in the near future:
* Support for Windows Phone 7/8
* EDK and in-app billing for for Bada / PlayBook
* Web as a deployment platform

In summary the Marmalade SDK is just awesome and we believe that all mobile developers should be using it if they are serious about cross platform development. I know that it doesn’t have a fantastic game editor such as the likes of Unity, but what it does have is complete control, tight code and a plethora of great native features such as EDK, in-app purchasing, camera access etc.. and of course "It just works"

What people are saying about

I wasn't aware that there were already so many game engines around ... incredible!
        -- Daniel Sperl, Developer of the Sparrow Framework and the Starling Framework
... looks like a great site. I think you hit the nail on the head for the descriptions.
        -- Louis Stowasser, Developer of the CraftyJS Game Engine
What a great resource you have created for developers with - thank you!
        -- Jaime Cottini, Director of PR for Game Maker
Thank you very much for including my game engine in your engine list.
        -- Grzegorz Ślazinski, Developer of the Esenthel Game Engine
Great web site, nice work
        -- matth, a Marmalade developer
It looks fantastic!
        -- Brenwill, Developer of the Cocos3d Game Engine
... that looks great
        -- Todd Hooper, Developer of the Moai Game Engine
I think it's a great idea you had with this website...
        -- Selim Arsever, Developer of the gameQuery Game Engine
... your website is very interesting
        -- Walzer Wang, Organizer of the Cocos2d-x Community
... the website is interesting
        -- Nikolaus Gebhardt, Developer of Irrlicht Engine and Copper Cube
Seems very useful.
        -- David Rangel, Developer of Corona SDK

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