Best Game Engines of 2021

With respect to game development, choosing the correct game engine for creating a game can be quite frustrating and can make or break the entire game building experience. There are a lot of factors to consider.

  • The type of game the user is trying to make
  • Whether the game is three or two dimensional
  • The experience of the user
  • The engine’s or framework’s support and community
  • The resources available for the engine

Taking all these factors into consideration, it can be really challenging to make sure that they pick the right foundation to work from. This is even more important in today’s age when technology is continually evolving, which means that new engines and updates are coming out all the time with innovative features.

Therefore here is a list of the best game engines in 2021, along with the strengths and weaknesses associated with each engine to help with the process.

Game Engines


The Unity engine was developed in 2005 to become a staple of the indie game industry. With new major features and constant updates like Unity Reflect being added every year, the support for the engine is incredible. The engine is well-suited for both 2D as well as 3D games of all types, and is also a popular choice for AR and VR development, thanks to the wide range of companies and developers creating the best SDKs for the engine. Unity also has a sizable community beyond this, with an active Asset Store with free as well as pay-to-use assets at the user’s fingertips. Since it is such a robust engine and free for developers earning less than a hundred thousand dollars a month, it is simply a fantastic choice for beginners irrespective of what they want to make.


  • Free for beginners who earn less than $100K
  • Strong mobile game support
  • Asset Store with tons of free assets
  • Great for 2D and 3D games
  • AR and VR SDK availability


  • Professionals require costly licenses
  • Frequent UI changes
  • Higher-end tech demos need better computers

Unreal Engine

Because of its robust graphical capabilities with respect to shaders, lighting, etc. Unreal Engine is the main game engine behind several of the most popular, top tier games out there today. Due to rampant use in the sector mentioned above, the engine has developed to handle a lot of very specific complicated tasks with greater efficiency than other engines. UE is also open-source, meaning that the community is also constantly improving the engine. Along with visual blueprinting so that even non-programmers can develop games, Unreal Engine truly is a software that is capable of just about anything, including VR.


  • Great for higher-end graphics
  • The best choice for VR
  • Better performance compared to other engines
  • Sizeable marketplace with free assets
  • Visual blueprints for non-programmers


  • Not the best for solo or simple projects
  • Better for 3D than 2D games
  • High-end graphics need more powerful computers